Reciprocal Salesperson

The North Dakota Real Estate Commission has reciprocal agreements with the following states: Georgia, Iowa, and Minnesota.

IMPORTANT: To receive a reciprocal North Dakota salesperson license,  your current broker and firm in your state of residence must first have ND reciprocal licenses.

To receive a reciprocal North Dakota salesperson's license, you must be a resident of, and have an active salesperson license in, your state of residence. Individual states may have additional requirements.

The licensing examination is waived under the reciprocal agreement. Beginning July 1, 2019, the application fee for a reciprocal North Dakota salesperson's license is $150 with an $8 credit report fee. NOTE: the $150 and $8 fees can be submitted together, two separate checks are NOT necessary. Submit to our office a completed application for a reciprocal salesperson license, the license fee, credit report fee (can be submitted with one check) and current (not more than 30 days old) original Certificates of Licensure from any state in which you currently have or have had a real estate license. All applicants must also complete and submit the Criminal History Record Check Request form (SFN 60688) with their application.


Criminal background check:

Each licensee applying for a reciprocal real estate salesperson license must complete and submit the Criminal History Record Check Request form (SFN 60688) with their application. 

After a Salesperson License Application, fees, and the Criminal History Record Check Request has been received by the NDREC office, a Fingerprinting Kit will be mailed to you, including:

  1. Instructions
  2. (2) Fingerprint cards
  3. List of possible locations offering fingerprinting
  4. Fingerprint Verification form
  5. Envelope to return to NDREC
  6. Tamperproof seal

Upon getting fingerprinted you will need to mail the following back to the NDREC office:

  1. Completed Fingerprinting cards.
  2. Check or Money Order for $41.25 made out to the ND Attorney General.

We will not issue your reciprocal license until proof of errors and omissions insurance has been provided to our office. This can be obtained through RISC group insurance or an insurance carrier of your choice.





Original Certificates of Licensure from each state where you are licensed or have been licensed