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12.2021 -- CE requirements for current cycle

December 21, 2021

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Continuing Education (CE) for current CE cycle

Completing continuing education during a current CE cycle allows N.D. licensees to renew with an active license for the next calendar year. The CE information in this news article applies to the current CE cycle of Nov. 16, 2021 through Nov. 15, 2022 and the license renewals that will start next fall for calendar year 2023.

Most active N.D. resident licensees are required to take CE, and they must take 9 hours total. This must include 3 hours each on 2 mandatory topics for a total of 6 hours, plus 3 hours on an elective topic.

2 mandatory topics and courses on both topics must be taken

The N.D. Real Estate Commission (NDREC) has set 2 mandatory topics for continuing education (CE), to be taken now through Nov. 15, 2022, the current CE cycle.

The required topics and hours are:

  • Respect, ethics and professionalism – 3 hours total, and also
  • Fair housing – 3 hours total

N.D. licensees must complete:

  • 3 hours each on both mandatory topics, which will total 6 hours, plus
  • an additional 3 CE hours total on an elective topic or topics.

Altogether, 9 hours of continuing education as described above must be completed during the current CE cycle (Nov. 16, 2021 through Nov. 15, 2022).

Licensees should take courses approved by the N.D. Real Estate Commission. NDREC posts all approved mandatory and elective classroom and online courses on its website, then select the Licensee tab, Education, which is also linked here:  Non-resident licensees must meet CE requirements in their state.

N.D. licensees who are not required to take 9 hours of CE in current CE cycle

  • Salespersons who completed the prerequisite 90 hours of course of study to obtain a license are exempt from the CE requirement for their first license renewal.
  • Salespersons who are completing or have completed 15 hours in post-licensure CE in this CE cycle, because they completed the 45-hour pre-licensure course when it was still offered.
  • A broker who successfully completes the broker licensing exam during this CE cycle.
  • Any licensee who plans to have an inactive license in calendar year 2023, whether the licensee is active or inactive now.
  • Any licensee who has been licensed continuously for 15 years on Jan. 1, 1984. Very few licensees meet this exemption, which requires ongoing licensure since at least 1969.