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08.2021 -- NDREC proposing administrative rule changes

September 1, 2021

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N.D. Real Estate Commission begins process to update rules


Bismarck, N.D. – At its August 12, 2021 meeting, the N.D. Real Estate Commission (NDREC) took the first step in a months-long process to update rules in N.D. Administrative Code (NDAC) Chapter 70. NDAC Chapter 70 contains administrative rules associated with N.D. Century Code Chapter 43-23, N.D. real estate license law.


Major steps in the rule change process are:

  • Hold a noticed public hearing for comments.
  • Allow for written comments outside of the public hearing.
  • Commission reviews all comments and considers any changes to rules based on oral and written comments.
  • Obtain approval of rule changes from the Attorney General.
  • Submit final proposed rule changes to Legislative Council.
  • Legislative Rules Committee, in a regular quarterly meeting, approves rules, with or without changes to the final proposed rules submitted by NDREC.


Rule changes will reflect law changes made by the 2021 N.D. Legislature, and other updates to clarify current statutes.


Check the N.D. Real Estate Commission website as the proposed rule changes proceed through this process. The website is